Spray Coating

Thermal Insulation

re-K applied over polyurethane provides additional thermal resistance which will meet the stringent "R" values required for today's energy conservation needs. The combination of Ure-K and polyurethane has the highest efficiency of all available insulations.

Noise Control

Ure-K is a monolothic coating which will provide a highly efficient sound absorption surface in either new or existing buildings. This is an important benefit in controlling noise levels to meet OSHA and other requirements.


Ure-K fibers and liquid binder are applied to the surfaces simultaneously in separate streams through equipment especially engineered to control the adhesive/fiber mixture. The Ure-K binder provides excellent adhesion to all types of foam insulations.

Ure-k &Foam Applications
The combination of Ure-K Spray Coating and foam can be used in a variety of applications:
  • Freezers
  • Coolers
  • Refrigerated warehouses
  • Metal buildings
  • Underground parking decks
  • Projects requiring high R-values
  • Curtain wall high rise buildings
  • Tilt-up, precast & poured-in-place concrete construction
  • Energy conservation

More Services

Whether your facility has been around for years or is currently under construction, protecting your fibrous insulation and fireproofing with Protek-13® is a spray-applied, water based vinyl acrylic emulsion containing interlacing/bridging fibers forming a protective white coating over fibrous surfaces.

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Celbar is a blend of specially prepared cellulose fibers, organic in nature, treated with adhesive and fire resistant chemicals. When sprayed in place, the interlocking fibers result in a mass that produces excellent sound and thermal properties. Celbar is pneumatically spray-applied in wall and floor/ceiling cavities to form a monolithic coating.

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SonaKrete was developed to satisfy the need for a refined, aesthetically pleasing finish that would be appropriate for both historical restoration and modern design trends. High-quality installations are assured because ICC has licensed only those contractors who have reputations for outstanding workman-ship with our other spray acoustic and thermal insulation systems.

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