Acoustical Finish

Acoustical Performance

SonaSpray "fc", as tested by a NVLAP accredited acoustical laboratory per ASTM C-423, provides an exceptionally high noise reduction coefficient (NRC). A typical installation of 1/2" thick on solid backing, has an unequalled NRC of.65. At its maximum recommended thickness of 1", the NRC is .90. SonaSpray outperforms all other acoustic remediation products on the market today. Noise reductions of 65% to 90% are common results achieved from using this product. SonaSpray is also Class I fire rated, meeting all local and state code requirements.

Substrate Compatibility

SonaSpray "fc" is spray applied and will conform to any surface configuration such as barrel vaults, concrete "T", corrugated decks, pan construction and other complex surfaces. The high performance adhesive will bond to virtually all common construction materials including sheetrock, plaster, wood, metal and concrete. Some surfaces (such as water stained ceilings, wood and oxidized metal) will require sealing to prevent migratory staining of the SonaSpray "fc".

SonaSpray Examples
Durability & Maintenance

The adhesive used to apply SonaSpray "fc" provides a strong, durable and resilient bond. This unique combination of properties provides remarkable durability. SonaSpray "fc" will resist impact and abrasion without cracking or spalling, typical to any cementitious or plaster based materials. In areas where even high abrasion resistance may be desirable, SonaSpray "fc" Dura-K may be specified. This provides even greater bond and compressive strength without reducing the acoustical performance. SonaSpray "fc" can be painted with water based latex or acrylic paint if desired, without appreciably reducing the NRC value.

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