Acoustical Finish

Custom Colors

ICC frequently produces SonaKrete in custom integral colors. This allows your design team the opportunity to be creative with ceilings and walls that contribute to the room's design theme. Since SonaKrete is an 80% pre-consumer cellulose product, it qualifies for LEED credits. SonaKrete resists impact and abrasion without cracking or spalling, typical of traditional plaster and cementitious-based materials. SonaKrete provides for a faster application while achieving exceptional acoustical performance and an attractive visual appearance. Thus, it can be installed at a more competitive cost than any plaster system.

Noise Reduction

SonaKrete is a premium acoustic finish product. Noise reduction of up to 75% can easily be achieved with a smooth plaster like appearance. SonaKrete is used primarily where drywall, plaster, brown coat, or any other smooth surface is present or will be installed. SonaKrete is applied in thin layers with each pass trowled out to compress the product. This produces the desired density and smooth texture. All edges are trimmed with each pass for a seamless appearance to adjacent surfaces or textures. The final result is a beautiful hard finish, free from irregularities.

Sonakrete Example

More Services

K-13 insulation is the spray-applied cellulose insulation tailored to your specific project requirements for insulation (R value), noise reduction (NRC), color, durability, condensation control, texture, and aesthetics. In addition, it usually provides these features at lower installed prices than many common systems such as rigid board and batt insulations, sprayed plasters, and acoustical ceilings.

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SonaSpray "fc" is a spray applied acoustical texture designed for a wide range of project types. SonaSpray "fc" provides an attractive, high performance solution to acoustical and lighting design objectives in both new construction and renovation projects. Typical installations include: schools, churches, passenger terminals, libraries, cafeterias, offices, hotels and condominiums.

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Ure-K is a thermal barrier approved as a building interior insulation to delay the ignition and reduce the surface burning rate of low melting, combustible rigid spray-on polyurethane foam. Ure-K may be sprayed over foam in existing buildings or it can be used as a protective coating over foam in new construction projects as a combination system.

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