We will travel to your location to perform a number of tests to measure frequency response, sound intelligibility, RT-60 (reverb time), as wel as room equalization. Once tests are complete we provide our clients with a complete acoustical assessment and make recommendations from our findings.

The design phase of a room is the best time to consider its acoustical properties. We work with contractors and architects in designing rooms that both look great, and sound amazing!

Whether it's a commercial or residential application, E4 Acoustics can test, diagnose and treat audio transmissions from room to room, or even building to building. Our calibrated test equipment can even be used to quiet outdoor applications like commercial HVAC noise and even highway/interstate noise.

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E4 Acoustics is an experienced system design and installation team. From your home living room to the largest of multi-room systems, E4 is your assisted listening specialist. Please call today about our solutions!

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