E4 Acoustics is the first true acoustical systems provider of the Midwest corridor. The major focus of E4 Acoustics is to deliver sound acoustical solutions through multiple platforms, throughout your campus.

We partner with the best in the industry and use the highest quality in products. Our specialities include K-13, SonaSpray Acoustical Finish, Celnar and more. Please call, email, or live Chat to get your project started today.

  • On Site Acoustical Testing
  • Room Design & Spacial Planning
  • Sound Isolation & Testing
  • T-Coil Systems
  • Treatment Installation
  • Assisted Listening Systems


Engineered Solutions

Aesthetically pleasing installations. E4 utilizes the latest acoustical surfaces. Free Consultations!

Architectural Acoustics

Noise control and sound isolation. Reverb prediction and diffusion. Optimize information intelligibility. Sound measurement and analysis.

Assisted Listening Installations

T-Coil and FM transmission solutions. Experienced installation teams. Commercial and residential installations.

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